Bitcoin Faucets are one of the most popular types of crypto affiliate programs and they are easy to promote, although the earnings are not huge it can provide a nice stable feed of free cryptocurrency when you refer active users.

Below is a list of the top 10 free bitcoin faucets with affiliate programs, these are some of the biggest and longest running crypto faucets and offer stable affiliate commissions paid in crypto.


1. Cointiply

Cointiply is one of the coolest looking free bitcoin faucets and it has more ways to earn than most of the bitcoin micro earning websites, you can earn free bitcoin doing offers and surveys, installing games and applications, viewing Youtube videos, viewing advertisements and clicking links.

The referral system on cointiply pays 25% of users faucet claims and 10% of all offer wall earnings, and best of all each month there is a $700 referral competition.


2. Crypto Win

Crypto Win is a nice and simple free bitcoin faucet that gives you free coins every hour, you can hold your earnings here and earn daily compound interest and do offers, surveys and other simple online tasks to earn more bitcoin.

The withdrawals are instant using faucet pay micro wallet and the referral system pays life time commissions on all user actions.


3. Free

Free is one of the worlds largest bitcoin dice games and now has over 50 million registered users. The bitcoin faucet on this site is one of the highest paying, allowing you to claim free bitcoin once per hour.

Gamble on the site to increase your earnings, you can claim up to 700 satoshi per hour or even more once you have increased your rank.

The referral system on this site pays 50% of your users faucet claims and also gives you a share of the bitcoin turned over while playing the dice game.


4. Free Cash

Free Cash is one of the best sites to earn bitcoin by doing offers and surveys and also gives you free cash or free crypto by claiming bonuses and leveling up.

The referral system on free cash pays up to 50% of all users earnings for life, and you can take your payouts in cash, crypto or even gift cards.


5. Pipe Flare

Pipe Flare is one of the worlds biggest and most popular crypto faucets and allows you to claim free coins once every 24 hours. You can win free NFTs and do other simple online tasks to earn more free cryptocurrency.

The referral system on pipe flare has 4 levels and is one of the highest paying bitcoin faucet referral systems, earn free coins from your friends referrals and get paid automatically every month.


6. Vie Faucet

Vie Faucet is a popular and easy to use crypto faucet that pays you instantly into your Faucet Pay wallet and the min withdrawal is low.

There are many ways to earn coins on this site including the free crypto faucet, clicking on pay to click links or completing offers and surveys.

The referral system on this site pays a share of all user actions including claiming from the faucet and doing the offers or surveys and allows you to withdraw your profits at anytime.


7. Fire Faucet

Fire Faucet is the worlds first automatic faucet and allows you to claim many different cryptocurrencies easily.

Get free points each day to use the auto faucet and do offers or surveys, click on links and view advertisements to increase your auto claim points, then you can run the auto claim faucet longer and claim more free coins.

The site is very simple to use and has one of the best paying affiliate systems giving you a share of every user action including faucet claims, pay to click links and offer wall earnings.


8. Ad BTC

Ad BTC is one of the most popular pay to click websites and has more than one million registered users. There are always new pay to click links and advertisements to view each day and you can withdraw your bitcoin at anytime into your own wallet or using Faucet Pay.

The referral system on Ad BTC pays life time commissions on all users earnings, paid out in bitcoin. You can withdraw your profits at anytime once you reach the minimum payment threshold which is only a few dollars.


9. Auto Claim

Auto Claim is a popular automatic bitcoin faucet claimer, you can build up points on the site which allows you to run the auto claim faucet, the more points you have the more auto claims you can make.

The site pays instantly into Faucet Pay or you can withdraw to your own wallet, there are pay to click links, ads, offers and surveys to complete which allows you to earn good amounts of bitcoin each day, or you can simply claim free coins from the faucet.

The referral system on Auto Claim pays life time commissions on all user actions including faucet claims, pay to click links and offer wall earnings.


10. Coin Pot

Coin Pot is a simple and easy to use faucet that has many different ways to get free coins, you can claim from the faucet or complete offers and surveys to earn bigger amounts of bitcoin.

The site pays out in Faucet Pay instantly or you can use your own wallet to withdraw over 20 different cryptocurrencies.

Another good faucet to promote, the affiliate system pays life time commissions on all user actions allowing you to earn good amounts of stable income long term.


These are 10 of the best bitcoin faucets with affiliate programs that i have used personally myself, they have been online for more than a year and are stable, paying and allow the users to earn good amounts of free bitcoin.



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