Wannads is a powerful tool for monetizing websites and applications using offer walls and surveys.

Easily add offer walls and special offers into your website or applications, allow users to complete these offers and earn profits.

The system has powerful API and APK systems to allow you to easily embed the offers into your sites and track user commissions.

Find hundreds of top offers to promote and earn profits with, easily monetize your website or application using this powerful system.

Get paid in bitcoin, paypal and many other top payment systems, and earn life time commissions on all webmasters and app creators you refer to the system.


Wannads Features


Easily monetize your website or application with a few lines of code.

Compatible with most faucet scripts and earning website scripts.

Hundreds of top offers are available, new offers are added daily.

Get paid automatically in Bitcoin or PayPal every 2 weeks.

Earn 2% life time commissions when you refer website owners and app creators.


Referral link – https://affiliates.wannads.com/?referral_code=DBJU8H



I used wannads on my faucet, it was super simple to setup and the interface looks fantastic.

Got some good payouts already, the offers pay pretty good and the fraud rate seems very low so far.

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