Wagerr is a fully decentralized sports betting platform and mobile sports betting application that operates on it’s own blockchain.

The mobile application allows you to bet on all the top sporting events using WGR token, it’s fully anonymous and decentralized and accepts users from any country in the world.

The system works seamlessly on both mobile phone and desktop, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world using a browser.


Wagerr Features


Fully anonymous and decentralized sports betting.

No country restrictions or limits, works in any country.

Place bets on all the top sporting events.

Lowest commission on sports betting compared to competitors systems.

Decentralized wallet and sports betting all in one application.

No betting limits or maximums, bet as much as you want.

Earn passive income holding WGR tokens, get a share of the platforms fees.

Payout guarantee, place any size bet and get a guaranteed payout.


Referral link – http://www.wagerr.com/sb/ref/60136a1f5fbca6d56b6ee5fb



The Wagerr system is amazing, the whole thing runs on it’s own blockchain and allows anyone to become their own bookie!

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