Vauld is a crypto lending and investing platform that allows users to easily earn profits by holding and staking coins on the platform.

Users of Vauld are able to borrow crypto by depositing crypto into the system, along with instantly swapping between 50+ different cryptocurrencies.

The system is simple and easy to use has mobile applications for both Android and Apple devices, along with a web based version that can be access on any device.

The referral system for Vauld pays 5% commissions on users earnings, and 40% on trading fees collected by your friends.


Vauld Features


Registered financial company located in Singapore, kyc required.

Get weekly payouts, auto compounding, withdraw your funds at any time.

Get loans on your crypto assets without selling your coins.

Get high interest on holding 50+ different cryptocurrencies, get paid automatically.

Instantly swap between many different cryptocurrencies, low trading fees.

Mobile apps for both Android phones and Apple devices.

Earn life time commissions referring your friends to the platform, earn passive income.


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I like Vauld it’s really simple and easy to use, and the APY is pretty decent.

It also let’s you earn interest on alot of different coins you usually can’t stake.

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