Star Bets

Star Bets

Star Bets is a bitcoin casino that let’s you mine tokens as you gamble, the more tokens you can mine the more daily cash back you can earn.

The site has many of the top slot machines and is adding new ones often, the referral system gives you 5% of the tokens mined by your referrals along with a share of every bet they place for life.


Star Bets Features


Earn STAR tokens with every bet – get daily BTC, TRX and BNB holding star tokens.

Hundreds of top slot machines to play, smooth and easy to use website.

Gamble in Bitcoin, Tron and Binance coin, instant deposits and withdraws.

Daily cash back, daily dividends and big rank up bonuses for top gamblers.

Referral system pays life time commissions on every single bet placed.

Earn 5% of the tokens mined by your referrals, get daily cash back.


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The dividend payouts are really good at the moment, since the site is new.

I am getting nearly 200% of my money back every year.. the local pub doesn’t even give me a free beer when i lose all my money lol..

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