Plug Rush

Plug Rush

Plug Rush is one of the top advertising networks and has many unique features and ad formats, you can build a whole page of ads and implement the advertising to look like content.

The referral system pays life time commissions on both ad buyers and ad sellers, and offers multiple payment options including paypal and paxum.

Advertisers can buy cheap clicked traffic from images and thumbnails for around $10 per 1000 clicks which can convert well with the right offers.


Plug Rush Features


Buy and sell adult and mainstream traffic using plug widgets.

Display nice looking ads that look more like content rather than ads.

Display many advertisers at once using only one single advertising spot.

Buy good quality clicked traffic for a low price, buy pop up traffic or mobile ads.

Geo targeted traffic, sort traffic by device and other useful tools.

Multiple payment methods including paypal, paxum and wire transfers.


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