Minds is one of the top blockchain based social media platform that allows you to earn cryptocurrency creating content and interacting with the community.

With over one million users, minds is a free speech based platform that doesn’t censor it’s users posts, you can find view points from all sides of the spectrum.

The site runs very smooth and the system allows you to easily share other users content, you can upload images and videos and create articles or create your own blog.


Minds Features


Huge social media platform with over one million registered users.

Easily share other users content, build followers, upload all types of media.

Follow users, stay updated with your favorite content creators.

Earn ethereum and USD creating content, get paid for every view of your content.

Referral system gives you free MINDS tokens for each referral.

Use MINDS tokens to boost your content, 1 minds token = 1000 views.

Built in ethereum wallet allows you to transfer tokens and make payments.

Send and receive tips in both minds tokens and ethereum.

Chat function allows you to communicate with friends directly.

Create groups and invite friends, share content to all users in the group.

Advanced analytics allows you to manage and grow your channel.


Referral link – https://www.minds.com/refs4me/?referrer=refs4me

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