Kucoin is one of the worlds biggest and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges and offers a number of powerful financial tools.

Users are able to invest coins in the platform and earn profits, invest in defi coin staking pools and mine proof of stake coins.

The platform offers all of the most popular coins to trade and allows you to deposit / withdraw your coins instantly without KYC.


Kucoin Features


Instantly trade hundreds of different cryptocurrencies for a low fee.

Deposit coins and earn interest in the decentralized finance staking pools.

Mine most of the top proof if stake cryptocurrencies automatically.

Launch pad for new coins, learn about new coins as soon as they launch.

Refer users to the platform and earn life time commissions on all trading fees.

Buy and sell NFTs on the NFT marketplace, low commissions and powerful features.

Invest in futures, derivatives, leveraged tokens and much more.


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