Koinly offers the most advanced system for doing your crypto taxes.

Automatically import data from all the top crypto exchanges and calculate your taxes easily.

Works with many different countries tax codes, Koinly makes it super easy to do your taxes.

The Koinly referral system allows you to earn money promoting the system and you can give $40 free credits for every user who signs up using your referral link.


Koinly Features


Automatically calculate your taxable income on your crypto earnings.

System works with over 20 countries and ajusts based on your country of residence.

Automatically import all of your crypto transactions, works with all the top crypto exchanges.

Instantly create your tax invoice, complete your tax in under 20 minutes flat.

Give your referrals up to $40 in free credits to try out the system.

Earn up to $20 per sale, per user, withdraw your profits anytime you reach the min of $100.


Referral link – https://koinly.io/?via=D998CCD9



This tool will save me so much time.. when you do many trades across multiple exchanges it becomes really hard to track it all.

This tool let’s you track your buy and sell orders across all the top exchanges.

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