Faucet Pay

Faucet Pay

Faucet Pay is a leading micro wallet, coin exchange, payment system and free bitcoin faucet network with thousands of websites using the system.

One of the most powerful payment systems on the market, website owners can accept instant crypto payments for little or no fee and receive the funds in seconds.

The system runs on a huge network of crypto faucet and micro earning websites and is the most popular system for faucet users to collect and claim free cryptocurrency.


Faucet Pay Features


Instantly accept crypto payments on your website for no fee.

Send crypto to other faucet pay users instantly and for no fee.

Collect coins, visit the faucets and earning websites to get free crypto.

Pay for advertising on faucet sites instantly, have your ads online in 2 minutes flat.

Play games, gamble and visit popular websites to earn crypto.

Instantly exchange coins, tiny fees and super easy one click transactions.

Complete offers, visit websites and do simple online tasks to earn crypto.

Run your own crypto faucet, manage payments and funding all from one spot.


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