Exo Click

Exo Click

Exo Click is an advertising network that offers banner ads, text link ads, pop ups, popunders and many other ad formats. Website owners can easily moneytize their websites and advertisers can buy high quality advertising on a large network of websites.

The referral system pays life time commissions on both advertisers and publishers and has multiple payment methods such as paypal and paxum.


Exo Click Features


Established company with long track record, many active customers and publishers.

Buy and sell both adult and mainstream traffic, huge daily traffic volume available.

Buy and sell pop ups, banner ads, direct link traffic and mobile traffic.

Advanced traffic statistics and analytical tools available to help monetize your traffic.

Many different payment methods available including paxum, paypal, wire transfer.

Life time referral system pays 5% on both advertisers and publishers earnings.


Referral link – https://www.exoclick.com/signup/?login=dimsum

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