is one of the worlds leading crypto exchanges and investing systems which has a number of unique features including automatic buying, trading bots and one of the highest paying referral systems available.

Users are able to automatically buy crypto at set intervals and can also setup trading bots with unique algorithms.

The referral system allows you to earn CRO tokens by simply referring users to the platform, and these tokens can be staked or sold on various exchanges including Binance. Features


Super fast trading platform capable of up to 2.7m transactions per second.

Easy to use cryptocurrency exchange with all the top cryptocurrencies available.

Both web based versions and mobile applications for Android and Apple devices.

Leveraged margin trading, trade up to 200+ different pairs with 10X leverage.

Trade derivatives with over 40 different quarterly futures and perpetual contracts.

Stake CRO coins on the platform and get up to 10% yearly APY.

Bonus of up to $2000 per active user referred to the platform.


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That platform is really nice to use and the referral rewards can be really good, up to a whopping $2000 per user referred.

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