Click Bee Bitcoin

Click Bee Bitcoin

Click Bee Bitcoin is a powerful telegram bot that allows anyone to earn bitcoin by performing simple online tasks.

Users can click on links, join telegram groups and telegram channels, visit websites and view Youtube videos to earn bitcoin.

This bot has been online for years and is one of the most popular telegram earning bots, access millions of users for a low price.


Click Bee Bitcoin Features


Earn bitcoin doing simple tasks such as joining telegram channels and groups.

Withdraw your bitcoin instantly, low min withdraw amounts.

Buy thousands of users into your channels, groups, websites.

Earn bitcoin viewing Youtube videos or pay for views on your Youtube videos.

Lifetime referral system pays commissions on all user actions for life.

Quick support and chat group allows you to get in contact with the users.


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One of the longest running telegram bots, it has over one million registered users and so many different ways to earn bitcoin.

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