Bridges Exchange

Bridges Exchange

Bridges Exchange is the worlds first dividend paying decentralized exchange that allows users to share in the websites profits simply by holding bridge tokens.

Get automatic payments in Binance smart chain token, bitcoin or ethereum by holding tokens in your Binance smart chain wallet.

The referral system pays bridge tokens for all users earnings, and pays on three levels.


Bridge$ Exchange Features


Fully decentralized and anonymous crypto exchange running on Binance smart chain.

Earn dividend payments and passive income by holding bridge tokens in your bsc wallet.

Low cost on exchange, instant coin swaps between all the most popular binance tokens.

Earn commissions on all trades done by your referrals, up to 3 levels deep.

Get paid commissions in binance token, bitcoin and ethereum, compound profits easily.

Safe and secure way to exchange Binance tokens, works with your meta mask wallet.


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I bought a few tokens, the daily profits could be really high if the exchange volume gets big.

Platform looks really nice and the marketing material is great.. good luck to this exchange i hope it flies!!

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