Biswap Exchange is a decentralized binance smart chain exchange and allows you to earn profit from coin staking, liquidity mining and yield farming.

The system works with meta mask and allows anyone to connect to the site instantly and anonymously, then invest in staking pools or provide liquidity for the exchanges.

The referral system on Bi swap is the most powerful available, offering a 3 type referral system that pays commissions on coin staking, liquidity mining and trading coins.


Biswap Features


Connect anonymously using a meta mask wallet, no KYC, instantly trade coins.

Exchange Binance smart chain tokens instantly for low fee.

Provide funding for the exchanges, earn passive income.

More than 50 different defi staking pools, earn passive income staking coins.

BSW token is listed on Binance exchange, one of the worlds most popular exchanges.

3 Type referral system pays commissions on many user actions for life of the user.

Low trading fees, get up to 90% cash back on every trade completed.


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