Ads Terra

Ads Terra

Ads Terra is an advertising network that offers many different ad forms and zones, it has unique tracking and ip checking technology and allows advertisers to buy the highest quality advertising.

The referral system pays on both advertisers and publishers and offers life time commissions.

Many different ad formats including banner ads, video advertising, mobile advertising, pop up traffic and native ads using cost per click, cost per lead and pay per impression payment models.


Ads Terra Features


Buy and sell banner advertising, cost per action traffic, cost per click and cost per lead.

Over 18,000 publishers, buy advertising on a huge network of websites.

Offers push ads, pop up ads, banner ads and native ad formats.

Over 20,000 campaigns running at once, 100% fill rate for publishers displaying ads.

High quality video advertising, run short video ads before video content.

Low payout threshold for publishers, starting from only $5 for min payout.

Life time referral system pays 5% commissions on both advertisers and publishers.

Promote cost per action and cost per sale offers and earn huge commissions.


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