Ad Fly

Ad Fly

Ad fly is a link shortening service that allows you to earn money shortening your links.

Simple create a short link with your content and then share it on your blogs and on social media, earn on every single click done.

The system allows advertisers to buy cheap iframe traffic and there are huge amounts of daily volume available.


Ad Fly Features


Easily monetize your websites content simply by creating short links.

Earn bitcoin without a website, share links on social media to earn passive income.

Detailed web stats available, filter by GEO location, device or operating system.

Earn 5% life time commissions on both publishers and advertisers revenue.

Buy cheap iframe traffic with huge daily traffic volumes available.

Target your advertising by country, buy mobile traffic, desktop, tablet traffic.


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Ad fly is a good short link service, if you can drive enough clicks through your links the earnings can be pretty good.

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