This article explains how to earn money with affiliate marketing, allowing someone new to the industry to learn as much as possible about referral links and referral link marketing.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a popular form of internet marketing that allows a business to offer commission on sales and leads generated through a referral link, a unique url that tracks the users sent through this link.

When people click on this link and then perform a certain action, the person who created that link will get a commission or payout.

Online shops, membership websites and all types of businesses use this method to generate sales and revenue, it’s a powerful form of online marketing and generates billion per year globally in annual revenue.

Anyone can earn money promoting these referral links on their blogs and social media profiles, tiktok and youtube platforms or anywhere else someone might see them, it’s a good way to generate passive income because most of these types of systems pay life time commissions and can keep paying for years and years on auto pilot.


Types Of Affiliate Offers

There are five main types of affiliate offers and each has it’s own unique benefits and downsides. For example pay per sale can often pay a big amount upfront, whereas revshare allows you to get recurring commissions if your customers stay active which can provide much higher rates for each user you send over the long term.


Pay Per Sale – Get commission for each sale you send, a flat fee paid once for each sale.

Revshare – Get a share of the profit generated by your sales, often for lifetime of the customer.

Cost Per Action – Get paid when someone does an action like sign up or download.

Pay Per Lead – Get paid for a lead, when someone joins or provides other information.

Pay Per View – Get paid for every single view your advertising reaches.


How Can I Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing?

Anyone is able to earn money online with affiliate marketing, it’s something you can do part time from anywhere in the world and it’s one of the best ways to create a second income.

To earn money with affiliate marketing all you need to do is register on different affiliate programs and then grab your unique affiliate code which will track your sales. Now all you need to do is generate users into this referral link, and the system will track your sales and pay you money for users that you send.

To do this, share your affiliate links on social media, create websites and blogs, write articles or buy traffic and advertising from these advertising networks.

The more users you can send into your affiliate links, the more money you will earn.


Best Sources Of Traffic For Affiliate Marketing?

With affiliate marketing it’s important to have targeted traffic, traffic targeted to your offers.

For example if you can generate google search traffic you can promote your offer to a person who is searching for the product or service you are offering which can lead to high sales rates.

Social media traffic can be one of the best sources of high quality traffic, as users will see your product or service and only click on the link if they are interested in what you are offering.

Video marketing can be very powerful as websites like Youtube have millions of active users and if you make good quality video content to promote a product or service you can generate some serious sales.

You can also look at buying advertising from advertising networks, although this is a real hit and miss affair and can be hard to convert your offers into sales.. although if you can find paid traffic sources that convert into sales with your offers this can be a very profitable way to generate more affiliate sales.


What Are Some Good Affiliates To Promote?

Some of the most profitable affiliate systems would include gambling websites, exchanges and financial services, advertising networks, software and games and cryptocurrency affiliate systems.

For example this list of cryptocurrency exchanges with affiliate programs has many different life time referral systems to promote, you earn crypto on every single buy and sell orders done by your referrals for as long as they are active which can really add up over time – especially if you can refer professional crypto traders who use the site often to make large trades.

Life time commission affiliate programs can pay some of the best rates – although it’s important to generate high quality leads that are actually interested in the product and service you are promoting so you can convert them into paying customers.

Pay per sale or pay per lead affiliate programs can also pay well, this is when you are paid a flat fee for each unique sale or lead you generate and sometimes if you have the right type of traffic this can be the most profitable solution.


10 Of The Best Referral Systems

Cake Defi – Crypto staking and lending platform, earn up to 50% yearly profits.

Bet Fury – Top bitcoin gambling site, gamble to generate tokens and life time cash back.

BC Game – Popular multiplayer casino with bonus $100 per user referred plus commissions.

Womplay – Top mobile phone games platform, play games and earn, refer users earn money.

Bi Swap – Earn from coin staking, coin lending and providing funding for the exchange.

Free Bitcoin – The top bitcoin faucet and bitcoin dice game, earn lifetime commissions on both.

Cointiply – Bitcoin faucet with pay to click links and offers, many ways for users to earn.

Pipe Flare – This faucet and game site has a 4 level referral system which can pay good.

Offer Daddy – Do offers or create a list of offers for your website visitors and earn money.



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