Cake Defi – Stake, Lend, Liquidity Pools, Dex – All On It’s Own Blockchain!

Cake Defi is a top ranked Defi platform that allows you to stake, lend, provide liquidity to pools and mine coins, it has it’s own decentralized exchange and it’s all running on it’s own blockchain.

This might be the most powerful decentralized platform to date – anyone can anonymously run a full node and use the system to lend, stake, provide liquidity, invest in masternode staking and more decentralized financial services can be added to the system easily.

Users are able to lend bitcoin, ethereum and USDT to other users on the platform, the system works automatically and allows anyone to lend funds into the system and earn around 7.5% yearly profits which can also be auto compounded to increase the profit margin.


Defi Chain allows you to send bitcoin, ethereum and other top coins on-chain, along with lending coins into the system for liquidity mining. These coins are then used to operate the network and decentralized exchange along with generating profit for investors via the different staking tokens and mining pools.


Cake Defi allows you to easily stake your DFi coins and earn profits, it’s instant and free to deposit and withdraw your coins and you will start receiving interest payments within 12 hours which can be auto reinvested or withdrawn immediately.


Use the staking calculator on Cake Defi to calculate your earnings, currently the APY is a whopping 94% – which means you will nearly double your coins if you staked for one year.. although this will most certainly change over time as more DFi tokens are mined.


You can get $30 worth of free DFi by using this referral link and depositing $50 or more – These funds are automatically locked for 180 days and will generate more profits for you over this time.

Register, pass KYC and buy DFi, bitcoin, ethereum and other top coins on the platform to receive your bonus.


Click here to get create your Cake DFI account


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